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I’m an Army veteran and full time Mommy currently following an ADF Druid path who loves all things Goddess and Pagan related, loves to read and research, write and spend time with my kiddies enjoying the great outdoors.


And now, for the purpose of this page…

The purpose of this page (especially the entries under “Goddess Spirituality”) is an online notebook of sorts for non-commercial personal Educational and Research purposes only.  The “Goddess Spirituality” page  is a part of a year long personal dedication of mine to the Goddess as I research, rediscover and explore Her many faces, aspects, guises in the various cultures She appears in across the world and sharing that research and those findings with those who hear Her calling…  I am by no means a leading expert – what I share in each entry (aside from my own personal little commentary here and there) is purely research.

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In Her Service,

Daughter RavynStar