“Jana’s themes are lunar energy and perception. Her symbols are the moon and silver or shiny items. This Roman Goddess, whose name means ‘Luminous sky’, shines her light on the new year, extending improved insight and awareness as we move ahead. She is strongly associated with Juno and Diana and was often invoked before any other goddess in important undertakings. Traditional offerings to Jana included wine, incense and barley.

To get Jana’s attention and assistance in any magic you have planned today, wear a piece of silver-toned jewellery or clothing (silver is the color of the moon).

For increased discernment to guide your actions in the months ahead, go outside with a silver-toned coin. Hold this to the moon, saying something like:
‘Jana, through the darkness and through the day
Light my path and guide my way.’

Carry this token with you. Touch it and recite the incantation anytime you feel your judgement wavering.

To improve your awareness of personal lunar attributes (sensitivity, intuition and the like), burn a stick of jasmine incense or any sweet scent and meditate. Get comfortable, visualizing a full moon pouring its light into the area of your third eye. If it helps your focus, chant:
‘Jana, Juna, Diana, awake in me.’

Make notes of the experience and any insights that come.”

(Patricia Telesco, “365 Goddess: a daily guide to the magic and inspiration of the goddess”.)

Jana and Her consort Janus were worshipped as the sun and the moon and were regarded as the highest of the gods and received their sacrifices before all the others.  For more info on Jana and Janus, click here.