First off, let me say that my heart and prayers go out to Boston tonight after the tragedy that struck there today.  Despite the unfactual information being put out by the New York Post, we do not know who is behind this or what their motive was, but we do know that 3 people are dead – including an 8 year old boy and 140+ (176 is the last number I just heard in a live press conference) people injured.  Healing energies sent to Boston this night…


From Stifyn Emrys

What makes this even more tragic and seems to send some type of message, is that the 2 bomb incidents that detonated were placed in the last mile of the marathon dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting massacre.  Despite the horror of the aftermath, many people pulled together to offer aid and assistance where they could and I wanted to share some of the stories with you:

Stories of Kindness After the Bombing

12 Examples of People Being Awesome After the Attack on the Boston Marathon

Heroic First Responders at the Boston Marathon (PHOTOS)

It’s stories like these of these unsung heroes that give me hope and faith in humanity.

I especially found what Donna Hamilton wrote this evening to be very profound:

“May Boston Be The Moment When The Healing Tide Turns . . .

Perhaps it is time for a massive FEELING FESTIVAL where everyone is brought together to let it all out. The hidden hurt, the guilt, the shame, the need to blame and the desire to be right at any cost . . . So much of what is building in an uncontrollable way is the inner power of love that is pushing all things unloving to the surface so it is transformed. We must honour our feelings and trust them to guide us through the darkest hours. Even when we cannot understand the greater purpose in why we feel what we feel – it must be REVEALED TO BE HEALED.”

If you so feel moved to do something or help, please visit this link to see what you can do – Boston Bombing Aftermath: How You Can Help.


From SHARIng (Sunshine & Love) with SHARI