Wow! What better time than now with all the neat astrological stuff going on, coming out of Imbolc & into Ostara next month and entering the Year of the Snake? I personally have been experiencing a lot of feminine health issues as of late. I’ve also been coming across a lot of sacred yoni and feminine healing images & messages as well. Well played Goddess, well played 🙂

Mommy Mystic

I’m very excited to offer a new self-paced DailyOm course to help you heal, empower, and awaken your feminine subtle body. This course represents the culmination of the women’s energetics practices and knowledge I have shared with  you here over the last few years. It includes work with feminine cycles and phases, energy lines, energetic boundaries, sexual energy, intuition, sacral healing, the divine feminine, and embodied enlightenment. The course consists of 8 weekly lessons that you can start at any time,  each of which should take you about an hour to complete, and each with video (of me talking to you from my living room!), print material, and guided audio meditations.

The details are all available over at, so I won’t list them all here. But I will say that it was very important to me that this course not only offer you information, but convey a transmission…

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