I really wanted to write about this last night, right after I had this “unique” experience, but with the weather being so bad and my poor internet connection, it was pretty much impossible.

“Twer a dark and stormy night…and there I was, looking out and watching the rain just pouring down – really thinking about whether or not I really wanted to brave the rain to go out to my Sacred Space and leave an offering of whiskey, hoping that the Shining Ones would understand that I was really tired and didn’t feel like getting sop and wet.  I figured, “Ah, what the heck.  Let’s do this.”  So I donned a coat I found with a hood and made my way out there.

As I was giving thanks for the blessings I had received that day and was about to offer my whiskey, I felt something brush up against my left leg.  I looked down and saw something black and furry waddling by.  I thought, “Oh look, a cat…” and then I saw the white stripes…and my heart skipped a few beats…

I stood dead still as it made its way under my porch.  I breathed again…until it waddled back out and came back my way and stopped and stared at me.  We locked eyes for what seemed like forever.  It looked to me that it was sizing me up and deciding whether I was friend or foe – spray or go about its business.  I held out my bottle of whisky and my free hand in front of me (as if that would protect me from being sprayed, right?) and pleaded, “Nature Spirit, Kindred, I mean you no harm…I mean you no harm…”  It had to be pretty amusing to watch.  It then took a few steps towards me, turned right and scurried back down the sidewalk from whence it came.

Needless to say, a double sized offering was given last night…

So, let’s take a look at what message Skunk brings, shall we?

“The skunk symbolizes solitude, self-reliance, distinctiveness and attraction. Skunks are nocturnal and also represent intuition and inner guidance. Skunks are beautiful, and non-aggressive unless provoked. Their distinct pattern and memorable smell make most predators steer clear – except owls and that’s likely only because they don’t have noses ;).

Skunks are beautiful animals that are distinguishable from a great distance. They symbolize the need to be who we are, to live authentically regardless of the opinions of others. They give us the courage to walk the talk and put ourselves out there.

Personal Reflection…

If skunk appears to you it is to help you build confidence in yourself and to develop more strength of will and independence. Skunk people are not pretentious and feel compelled to be who they are without the need for approval of others to define them. Skunk appears to help you develop trust in yourself (intuition) and to trust your instincts.” [1]

“Respectful, playful, sensual, respect and demands respect, takes own time, steady with efforts, fragrances can elicit responses with those who associate with skunk medicine (aroma therapy), an ability to attract people will start to develop, teaches will power, enhances self-confidence and self-respect, an awareness of when to move and adapt along with understanding the flow of energy, teaches to pay attention to senses and intuitions. People will naturally notice you. Skunk awakens, activates and amplifies your internal energy. Helps open up wisdom to the mystical. Are you asserting the qualities mentioned above? Skunk teaches fearless with peacefulness and a balance in the ebb and flow and life. What you do emanates outward.” [2]

Funny it should mention the whole “will power” thing…I have a certain weakness for books…I had just been giving thanks for an opportunity to purchase some books on my Amazon and Half.com wishlists.  I did however feel a little bad about purchasing so many at one time, like I had splurged a bit too much this month; then came the skunk.  Will power.  Yes, I must work on that…




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