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I Am a Spiritual Nomad

The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life literally takes place.” ~  Barbara DeAngelis

"Wandering Soul" by roadioarts

So, here I am…on another journey of discovery.  I’ve just recently signed up to participate in Dianne Sylvan’s 6 week e-course entitled “Spiritual Nomads”.  I am Pagan Proud – I absolutely love Paganism and the personal freedom to be who I truly am.  I love the tolerance and acceptance I’ve found within the Pagan community.  And most importantly, I LOVE the Goddess!

The path that I follow is not an easy path at times.  You do have to think for yourself and use your own common sense and moral compass as there are no set laws in stone that says “Thou shall do this” or “Thou shalt not do that”.  There is no forgiveness to absolve you of your sins…only Karma, The Three-Fold Law and cause and effect.

It’s all about being conscious of your every action or lack of action and how that affects others around you.  It’s about taking personal responsibility and dealing with consequences of your actions or inactions.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always felt that “God” wanted to be worshipped outside, in the woods by a stream…I pictured a stone altar with fresh cut flowers in my sacred little place.  This was before I knew anything about Paganism, Wicca, or Witchcraft.  I just felt it and knew it to be True.

Years later, I would find myself going back to the Catholic church with my grandmother – searching for someone or something that I could connect with.  Mother Mary was a temporary fix who was sorely missing in the Episcopalian church that my father had brought us to.  Mary was close to what I was seeking, but not quite it…Eventually, curiosity led me to research Witta, which led me to Wicca, which led me to Scott Cunningham’s “Living Wicca”.  It would be years later when I moved to TX that I got closer to finding what I was searching for when I ventured out and joined an Eclectic Pagan coven with a strong Wiccan base in which I started my “formal training” in Central Texas.  I eventually started feeling bored with Wicca.  I had gotten past the newbie “Fluff Bunny” stage and wondered to myself, “Is this it?”

Then, it was off to Alaska and many life changes.  I read a few books, “The Body Sacred” by Dianne Sylvan, “The Second Circle” by Venecia Rauls and “Rebirth of the Goddess” by Carol P. Christ.  I can most definitely say that these three books had a huge part in shaping my spirituality and helped me realize that I wasn’t Wiccan; yet, I had no idea what I was.  It was liberating, yet frustrating at the same time.  I liked being the “lone wolf”, setting out on my own, discovering my own Truth…but still longed to belong somewhere…

I started researching Buddhism in my isolation, fell in love with Tara, but didn’t feel a strong connection – though I do admit I love the philosophy.  After a long time of mourning the move from my first “chosen family”, I finally ventured out again to connect with the Pagan community in Anchorage at the local UU church and became active with the CUUPS chapter – the Arctic Circle of Anchorage.  I met some awesome people who sparked my interest in Druidry…yet, I couldn’t find a tradition that really spoke to me that gave me “This is it!” feeling.  I’ve also felt a draw to investigate the Northern Tradition of Asatru – I love their Gods (especially Skadi and Odin) and the Nine Noble Virtues, but there are few ideas that I’m not so inline  with (i.e. hard polytheism and the belief that there’s a final battle, Ragnarok – that will kill the Gods and end the world).

Then, it was back to NY.  Finding myself in isolation, yet again from a physical Pagan community, it is a good time to re-evaluate my Spiritual Path, to look back at where I came from, where I am now and where I feel I need to go.  So, here I am…wandering, trailblazing and seeking my Truth and knowledge…

“Aphrodite” by ischarm

“Venus’s themes are love, passion, romance and sexuality.  Her symbols are doves, flowers, berries, trees and pine cones.  Venus was originally an Italic Goddess of blossoms; heart and flowers have slowly become attributed to Her loving, passionate energies. In fact, Her name became the root for the word venerate – to lift up, worship or esteem. So it is that Venus greets pre-spring efforts for uplifting our hearts with positive relationships.

During Lupercalia, an ancient predecessor of Valentine’s Day, single girls put their names in a box and unmarried men drew lots to see with whom they would be paired off for the coming year. To be more modern-minded, try pinning five bay leaves to your pillow instead to dream of future loves. If you’re married or otherwise involved, steep the bay leaves in water and drink the resulting tea to strengthen the love in your relationship.

To encourage balance in a relationship, bind together Venus’s symbols, a pine cone and a flower, and put them somewhere in your home. Or, to spice up a passionate moment, feed fresh berries to each other and drink a berry beverage from one cup (symbolizing united goals and destinies).

In Roman tradition, anywhere there’s a large stone adjacent to a tall tree, Venus is also there. Should you know of such a place, go there today and commune with Her warm, lusty energy.”

(Patricia Telesco, “365 Goddess: a daily guide to the magic and inspiration of the goddess”.)

“Venus is the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, but originally a vegetation Goddess and patroness of gardens and vineyards who had no original myths of Her own. Later, under Greek influence, She was equated with Aphrodite and assumed many of Her aspects. Her cult originated from Ardea and Lavinium in Latium. The oldest temple known of Venus dates back to 293 BCE, and was inaugurated on August 18. Later, on this date the Vinalia Rustica was observed. A second festival, that of the Veneralia, was celebrated on April 1 in honor of Venus Verticordia, who later became the protector against vice. Her temple was built in 114 BCE. After the Roman defeat near Lake Trasum in 215 BCE, a temple was built on the Capitol for Venus Erycina. This temple was officially opened on April 23, and a festival, the Vinalia Priora, was instituted to celebrate the occasion.

Venus is the daughter of Jupiter, and some of Her lovers include Mars and Vulcan, modeled on the affairs of Aphrodite. Venus’ importance rose, and that of Her cult, through the influence of several Roman political leaders. The dictator Sulla made Her his patroness, and both Julius Caesar and the emperor Augustus named Her the ancestor of their (Julian) family: the ‘gens Julia’ was Aeneas, son of Venus and the mortal Anchises. Ceasar introduced the cult of Venus Genetrix, the Goddess of motherhood and marriage, and built a temple for her in 46 BCE. She was also honored in the temple of Mars Ultor. The last great temple of Venus was built by the emperor Hadrianus near the Colusseum in 135 CE.  Roman statues and portraits of Venus are usually identical to the Greek representations of Aphrodite.” [1]

“Venus meant ‘charm’ and this Roman Goddess certainly knew how to do that!  Although She was a latecomer to Roman mythology, She rose quickly among the ranks.  Like the Goddess Aphrodite whose mythology She inherited, the Roman Goddess Venus assumed the divine responsibility for love, beauty, sexuality, military victory, not to mention marriage, procreation and domestic bliss.  Venus was the ultimate multi-tasker!  She was also known as Venus Verticordia, Goddess of chastity in women (despite Her numerous randy affairs with gods and mortals), as Venus Victrix, the Goddess of victory in war and also a nature Goddess, associated with gardens and the arrival of spring. When Her son Aeneas fled Troy and founded the Roman race, Venus became known as the divine ancestor of the Roman people (the Venus Genetrix) and was treated with special honor.

Venus had many identities before She came to Rome – Inanna, Ishtar/Astarte, and the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. She had been recognized since the beginning of time as the brightest “star” in the heavens, except, of course, for the Sun.

Because of Her association with love and with feminine beauty, the Roman Goddess Venus has been a favorite subject in art and poetry.  To this day, She is a cultural icon of love and beauty, a reminder of the awesome power of female radiance and beauty.  The primordial Venus (Inanna, Ishtar and Astarte) was a triple Goddess – the morning (and evening) star represented Her as maiden who rose every morning, renewed in Her youthful beauty, then waxing into Her fullness of motherhood and next becoming the crone, gradually waning in Her power and strength but planting the seed of wisdom for the next cycle as She faded into the darkness of eternal night.” [2]


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