“Eleithyia’s themes are birth, children, creativity and fertility. Her symbols are a torch and white flowers.
As the Aegean Goddess of birth, Eleithyia acts as the midwife to your new year, filling it with creative power. Eleithyia’s name translates as ‘Fluid of Generation’, giving her strong fertile aspects, and she also has a hand in personal fate. According to myth, Eleithyia was the midwife of the gods and even birthed Eos, the creative force behind all things. When Eleithyia’s hands were closed, birth was delayed. When Eleithyia opened her body, a child arrived effortlessly.

The ancients honored their midwives today as the Goddess’s assistants by giving them gifts. In modern times, this might equate to sending a thank-you note to your physician or paediatrician.

If you want to bring Eleithyia’s fertility to any area of your life this year, try this spell:

Gather a handful of white flower petals. Work in any area that somehow represents your goal. If you want a fertile garden, for example, cast this spell in your garden; for fertile ideas, perform it in your study. Visualize your goal as you release all but one petal, turning clockwise to the winds, saying something like this:
‘The wish of my heart, Eleithyia see
and bring back to me fertility.’

Carry the last petal to help the magic manifest.”

(Patricia Telesco, “365 Goddess: a daily guide to the magic and inspiration of the goddess”.)